Middlesex County Utilities Authority
Hurricane Sandy Update
January 2, 2013


None scheduled


Federal and State agencies have visited the site and are fully briefed on the bypass operations of the MCUA. Both agencies are constantly monitoring the situation and worldblog.net have been providing whatever resources the MCUA needs.

Service Interruptions

None reported

Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Central Treatment Plant is fully operational and is handling all wastewater and trucked waste entering the plant in Sayreville. Currently, the Central Treatment Plant is super mario run being powered by the Landfill Gas to Energy Facility and local electric utility. The average rate of wastewater flow entering the Central Treatment Plant:
109 million gallons a day

South Amboy Pump Station

Repairs to damaged equipment are being supermarioworlds.com performed by MCUA, which are ongoing.
The estimated average rate of wastewater flow conveyed to the Central Treatment
1-2 million gallons a day

Edison Pump Station

Four Main Pumps capable of conveying 85 MGD to the Central Treatment Plant are in
Repairs to electrical, mechanical and control anagazawe.com equipment in the pump station will continue and on-site emergency generators are functioning, however, control issues remain to be resolved.
Bypass pumping system capable of handing 20 -24 mgd is in standby mode.

Currently, the Main Pumps are able to convey 85 million gallons per day of wastewater to the Central Treatment Plant, which exceeds yalla shoot the average daily amount of wastewater that enters the station

Rotating assembly for the fifth pump was received today and scheduled to be installed. However, a cracked bearing housing was discovered in the pump one rotating gamf.net assembly that was in operation. The fifth pump rotating assembly will be placed in pump one and the damaged unit will be sent to the pump manufacturer for inspection.
The estimated average rate of wastewater flow conveyed to the Central Treatment Plant:
19 million gallons a day