Leadership & Staff

Board of Commissioners
Chairman John F. Wiley, ESQ.
Vice Chairman Ted Light, P.E.
Commissioner Antonio L. Cruz, ESQ.
Commissioner Robert Diehl
Commissioner William Thomas
Commissioner Joseph Juliano
Commissioner Raymond Murray
Commissioner James M. Zullo
Commissioner Jerome Convery ESQ.
Commissioner James Baker
Commissioner Stacy Bravman


Middlesex County Commissioner Liaison
County Commissioner Charles E. Tomaro

Unless otherwise noted, please call 732-721-3800 to contact the following MCUA staff
and ask for the staff member’s extension listed below.

Executive Staff
Joseph P. Cryan, Executive Director Ext. 576 jcryan@mcua.com
J. Joaquin Gonzalez, P.E., MBA, Chief Engineer Ext. 522 jgonzalez@mcua.com
Paul Clark, Solid Waste Division Manager Ext. 581 pclark@mcua.com
Karen Levenson, CPA, Treasurer/Comptroller Ext. 523 klevenson@mcua.com
Wastewater Division
Lisa Oberreiter, General Superintendent Ext. 230 loberreiter@mcua.com
Mickey Facendo, Operations Superintendent Ext. 238 mfacendo@mcua.com
Lawrence Johnson, Shift Supervisor Ext. 245 ljohnson@mcua.com
John Pipala, Shift Supervisor Ext. 245 jpipala@mcua.com
Richard McCutcheon, Shift Supervisor Ext. 245 rmccutcheon@mcua.com
Timothy Walczak, Shift Supervisor Ext. 245 twalczak@mcua.com
Darren Curran, Solids Supervisor Ext. 318 dcurran@mcua.com
Stephen Fincham, Lab Manager Ext. 234 sfincham@mcua.com
Michael DiNinno, Administrator Environmental Quality Ext. 240 mdininno@mcua.com
Jim Leonard, Maintenance Superintendent Ext. 236 jleonard@mcua.com
Christopher Kelly, Lines & Meters Superintendent Ext. 269 ckelly@mcua.com
Solid Waste Division
Brian Murray, Landfill General Superintendent 732-246-4313 bmurray@mcua.com
James Harnish, Landfill Maint. Superintendent 732-246-4313 jharnish@mcua.com
Marc Matuszkiewicz, Landfill Operations Superintendent 732-246-4313 mmatuszkiewicz@mcua.com