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Landfill Virtual Meeting for East Brunswick Residents

The Middlesex County Utilities Authority (MCUA) hosted a Virtual Meeting for the residents of East Brunswick to discuss ongoing Landfill projects to the Middlesex County Landfill on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at 7 p.m. Discussion points included the Landfill’s capital improvements, capping projects and gas system upgrades.

3D view of the Middlesex County Landfill

A 3D view of the different sections of the Middlesex County Landfill in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

How MCUA turns landfill gas into energy

The Landfill Gas-to-Energy project exemplifies the Middlesex County Utility Authority’s (MCUA) commitment to innovation and sustainable waste management. Methane is collected from two closed landfills within Middlesex County — the Edison Landfill and ILR, a privately owned landfill – and the Middlesex County Landfill. The methane, a greenhouse gas naturally occurring from decomposing waste, is transported via a network of pipelines to the Electric Power Generating Facility in Sayreville. There the gas is turned into 16 megawatts of electrical energy that is then used to power MCUA’s water treatment operations in Sayreville. The project eliminates nearly all of the methane being released into the environment from the landfills and delivers cost savings for the Authority and, ultimately, for Middlesex County residents. The Landfill Gas-to-Energy project is yet another way the Authority is committed to reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal and improving the quality of life of Middlesex County residents.