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Electric Power Generating Facility

The MCUA’s commitment to sustainable energy is highlighted in the Electric Power Generating Facility, a major component of the Landfill Gas-to-Energy project. The Authority’s Electric Power Generating Facility utilizes the greenhouse gases from two inactive regional landfills as well as from the Middlesex County Landfill to fire three turbines for producing electrical energy.

The gas turbine generators, which replicate jet engines, produce 10 megawatts of energy when the facility is operating at full potential. The gas turbine generators release 70 percent of their energy in the form of heat, which is also recycled and beneficially utilized to produce steam to make an additional 8 megawatts of electricity. The facility consumes 2 megawatts to operate, resulting in a net output of 16 megawatts of energy—enough electricity to power 9,000 homes.