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Infiltration & Inflow Program

With the introduction of new monitoring technology, the Authority is now able to identify the points more precisely at which excessive Inflow/Infiltration (I&I) enters the complex network of pipelines and measure the volume of I&I entering the system at those source points. This enables the Authority to work with communities to create more efficient storm drainage systems, as well as to distribute the cost of pumping and treating excessive inflow more accurately.

The Authority’s I&I program is a service specifically designed to help county municipalities improve their storm water management. Through the I&I program, the Authority provides information and technical consultation to improve municipal water management capabilities, which can minimize the cost to consumers on wastewater services provided by the Authority.

The Authority’s strategy for the I&I program is to reduce the quantity of storm and clean water that is introduced into the Authority’s wastewater treatment system during significant storm events. Because rainwater is essentially clean, treatment is not required before reintroducing the water into the environment, as long as it does not come into contact with any contaminants. Excessive amounts of clean water can significantly increase the complexity of treating the wastewater and place unnecessary strain on the treatment facility during potentially critical storm events.