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About the Division

The Solid Waste Division operates and administers the Middlesex County Landfill in East Brunswick Township. Each person in Middlesex County generates approximately 4.5 lbs. of waste each day. The Landfill accepts more than 500,000 tons of waste per year from over 850,000 residents of Middlesex County. The Landfill is state-of-the-art and operates with the highest standards of environmental and community consciousness.

The Middlesex County Landfill opened on February 5, 1992, after six months of construction. Originally, the Landfill consisted of three cells, each fitted with its own double-liner system, leachate collection and secondary detection system. By 2010 additional cells were constructed, bringing the total number to nine.

The area where waste is placed is called the “workface.” As the solid waste is tipped from trucks, it is compacted to conserve space. At the end of each day, approximately 6 inches of cover material is placed and compacted on top of the workface. If the area is not used again for 24 hours, an additional 12-inch layer of cover material is added.

The facility has 44 groundwater monitoring wells. A leachate collection system on top of the 80ml liner collects rainwater permeating the Landfill or liquid from any biodegradation taking place in the Landfill. This leachate is pumped into the MCUA trunk line and transported to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sayreville.

At the Solid Waste Division, we are proud of our commitment to the environment and sustainability, especially our gas-to-energy system. The system captures methane, a naturally occurring by-product of the decomposing waste.  This renewable biomethane is sold into the international biofuels market and the resulting brown gas is used by the MCUA to produce electricity, allowing the Solid Waste Division to keep costs low for our customers. We are able to send the methane gas through 7 miles of lines under the Raritan River. The electricity is then used to power the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

We understand that the Landfill is its own ecosystem and are committed to operating the facility in a way that protects the surrounding environment. In fact, as many as 19 bird species have been identified at the Landfill including bald eagles, red-tailed hawks and hummingbirds.

We manage this ecosystem by applying organic cover material daily. To prevent degradation of the surrounding environment, inactive cells are sealed off through the use of protective barriers such as landfill liners, layers of additional cover material, and protective caps.

The Solid Waste Division serves all 25 municipalities in Middlesex County. These include Carteret, Cranbury, Dunellen, East Brunswick, Edison, Helmetta, Highland Park, Jamesburg, Metuchen, Middlesex Borough, Milltown, Monroe, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Piscataway, Plainsboro, Sayreville, South Amboy, South Brunswick, South Plainfield, South River, Spotswood, and Woodbridge.