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Gas-to-Energy Project

The Gas-to-Energy project exemplifies the Authority’s commitment to innovation and sustainable waste management. Methane is collected from the Middlesex County Landfill and one closed regional landfill.  This renewable biomethane is sold into the international biofuels market and the resulting brown gas is used by the MCUA to produce electricity.

The methane, a greenhouse gas naturally occurring from decomposing waste, is transported via a network of pipelines managed by the MCUA to the Electric Power Generating Facility in Sayreville.  There the gas is used to produce up to 17MW of electricity.  The produced electricity is then used to power MCUA’s Wastewater Treatment operations in Sayreville.

The recovery of landfill gas that is sold into the international biofuels market and the Gas-to-Energy project is yet another way the Authority is committed to reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal and improving the quality of life of Middlesex County residents.